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ASCE Class I, II, and III Chimney and Stack Inspections 

The establishment of proactive inspection policies and preventive maintenance programs for chimneys and stacks designed to exhaust byproducts of combustion produced during plant operations are essential to prevent unplanned repair outages and loss of revenue.

The implementation of an effective inspection program allows for early identification of damage and deterioration so measures can be taken to prevent the development of significant operational or structural deficiencies that could result in the removal of the unit from service.

Maintaining an active inspection and maintenance program after a chimney or stack is temporarily or permanently idled prevents exposure to liability associated with a chimney that has fallen into disrepair and becomes a hazard to surrounding life and property.

Gerard Chimney Company has worked in partnership with clients throughout North America for over 65 years as a full-service industrial chimney company specializing in the inspection, maintenance, repair and demolition of chimneys, stacks, silos and associated appurtenances and looks forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our abilities and commitment to unequaled client services.  Please contact our office or visit our website to request and inspection or if additional information is required.